Minnesota Hospital Association Names RIP Medical Debt an Endorsed Business Partner

MHA’s Endorsed Business Partner (EBP) program brings organizations to MHA’s members that can contribute to advancing the health of Minnesotans. These innovative organizations provide unique value-added products and services to hospitals and health systems. Each Endorsed Business Partner is rigorously vetted so that specific member needs are addressed by partners who bring proven value.

MHA writes, “The selected business partners are expected to meet high-quality standards and offer products or services that help health care organizations control costs, recover revenue, reduce operating and capital expenses, improve management and quality, increase productivity, develop staff resources and apply new strategies. Through the due diligence process, MHA performs the necessary evaluation and analysis of the potential partner for review, approval and endorsement.”

Leveraging donor funds, RIP acquires and then abolishes medical debt burdening those in need. With the approval of the MHA, Minnesota hospitals have streamlined access to these services, allowing them to earn revenue from dormant, uncollectable bad debt accounts. By partnering with RIP Medical Debt, hospitals also address a social determinant of health and enhance health equity. Hospitals also can identify ways to refine their financial assistance programs to better serve communities.

If you’d like to work with RIP Medical Debt, schedule a call with us today.

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