A Word to Medical Professionals

Few know the corrosive damage of medical debt better than people in the medical community.

Dedicated medical professionals want to treat patients with the best technology and medicines available, but this often comes at a cost that patients cannot afford. Medical professionals also realize that medical debt often keeps patients from following recommended treatment plans or maintaining expensive drug regimens.

At the same time, the medical community in America faces severe economic challenges. Providing medical services is increasingly complex and expensive. Providers’ costs and fees may not be covered by insurance or other programs. When patients cannot pay their medical bills, expenditures on their behalf becomes a bad debt that providers must absorb. Bad debt has caused medical practices and community hospitals to close.

To stay afloat financially, medical providers often sell or assign unpaid accounts to the collections industry. Bill collectors then pursue the monies owed regardless of the added stress and damage that collection actions cause to individuals and families.

Now the good news.

RIP Medical Debt may contact medical professionals and hospitals to negotiate the purchase of unpaid medical debt. Providers recoup costs they’d written off, and they help end patients’ financial struggles.

Further, we invite all members of the medical community to contact RIP on their own to sell – at a steep discount – unpaid and unpayable of medical debt.  RIP can offer at least some compensation for income that otherwise would be fully lost.

To some, medical debt is a business. To RIP, it’s a mission.

Robert Goff

Robert Goff
Board member of RIP Medical Debt.
Co-author of The Patient, The Doctor and the Bill Collector.
Former Executive Director, University Physicians Network,
New York, NY