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Meet John


Here is a letter from John out of Georgia. He suffered a tremendous loss this year because of Covid-19. 

We abolished under $500 worth of his medical debt, and yet, it made getting through this year and his recovery just a little bit easier.

“Dear RIP Medical Debt, I would like to extend my gratitude [to] you all [for] assisting me with this bill. Last year I lost my mom and brother due to Covid. I also was affected by the virus during the same time, but I survived the battle. Since then I have been in and out of the hospital and even had surgery on my lungs. I still have to use my breathing machine most days and nights!
Your generosity [has helped me] since I am also not working anymore [because I am] not able to get around like I used to! I can’t say it enough but thank you thank you thank you and may god bless you.”