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(Make checks payable to
“RIP Medical Debt”)

RIP Medical Debt
80 Theodore Fremd Avenue
Rye, NY 10580

Please contact us using the form below for more information about RIP, our programs, and how we can work with you to abolish unpaid and unpayable medical debt. We suggest that before you send an email, first read our How it Works and FAQ pages to see if these answer your questions.

FORGIVE DEBTDo you imagine a local medical debt forgiveness campaign? Do you wish to explore a major donation to RIP’s general or veterans fund? Do you have a question on taxes, or how donations are used? Having trouble donating? Please click the related checkboxes below.

SUPPORT RIP: You may wish to support RIP debt forgiveness operations in a sustained or perhaps focused way. What do you propose? Please click the related checkboxes below.

GET HELP: Please only use our Debt Forgiveness Registry on the “Get Help” page to request debt relief, rather than sending an email here. We cannot do anything to help unless you register.

RIP cannot forgive medical debt for any individuals by request — not yet! (So far, we can only buy and forgive thousands of accounts at once in batches.) Debt forgiveness by RIP is “a RANDOM act of kindness.

For those needing debt relief, RIP offers the Debt Forgiveness Registry.

The Get Help page fully explains what RIP can do today and perhaps tomorrow. We’re working on solutions, For now, Joining the Registry is your best doorway to RIP.  

MEDIA INQUIRIES: Please visit our pressroom.

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    (Any request here for debt relief prompt a note to join the Registry.)
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