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Welcome to your “decision” page. You can choose to abolish medical debt for the general community of medical debtors in America, OR you can devote your full contribution to abolishing medical debt for current or former members of the U.S. military.

Your donation to RIP Medical Debt helps us buy and forgive an average of 100 times the amount in unpaid and unpayable medical debt. A donation of $100 may forgive $10,000 in medical debt. RIP is a 501(c)(3) charity, so you get a tax deduction. The recipients of RIP debt forgiveness have no adverse tax consequences, no obligations, no strings attached. RIP simply abolishes their medical debt. For good.

Only you know how much you can afford to help out another person — and likely a total stranger. Kindly perform a “random act of kindness,” and give what you can. Thank you in advance.

RIP is evolving the capacity to forgive debt for a given community (as we’ve done in Florida, Minnesota, California, and elsewhere) but we are not able to forgive debt for a specific family or person at this time. So, before you donate here, please review our ways to help and get help pages. If you still have questions or wish to target a community for debt forgiveness, feel free to contact us.

RIP Newsletters: Any donation to RIP prompts an email confirming your subscription to our occasional donor newsletter (double opt-in). Thank you for donating!


You Can Donate with a Credit Card.

You Can Also Donate Via Paypal

Info Regarding Taxes
We are a recognized tax-exempt charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue tax code, effective July 25, 2014.