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Get Help

  • Are you struggling to pay your medical bills?
  • Are debt collectors calling you day and night?
  • Are medical bills putting a financial and emotional strain on you and your family?
  • Are you taking on credit card debt or seeking loans to pay doctor or hospital bills?
  • Do you avoid getting needed medical treatment because of unpaid medical debt?
  • Is your credit rating being ruined by medical debt?
  • Are you facing bankruptcy due to medical debt?

RIP might be able to help, IF…

Did you answer “yes” to any or all of the questions above? There is a chance that RIP can help someday, maybe sooner, but first you need to register for debt forgiveness.

Please read this whole page before registering.

Join the Debt Forgiveness Registry

The Registry is your only useful doorway to any possible debt relief from RIP.

Use the form below to register for debt relief. Please, do not use the Contact Us page. Our small staff will send you back here. RIP cannot help you unless you join the Registry. Thanks!

RIP cannot forgive medical debt for any individuals by request. For now, RIP can only abolish large batches (portfolios) of unpaid medical billing accounts. We cannot single out any one patient.

RIP Medical Debt Forgiveness is a RANDOM Act of Kindness!

What can RIP do to help you?

RIP was founded to abolish medical debt for anyone in America, strangers helping strangers. We soon began to forgive medical debt for veterans and members of the military. Recently, we have evolved the capacity to forgive medical debt for communities, working with local campaign sponsors. A campaign may randomly help you (so feel free to encourage one), but we cannot guarantee anything.

Who Qualifies for RIP Debt Forgiveness?

  • People earning less than 2 times the federal poverty level (varies by state, family size).
  • People facing financial hardship (debts are 5 percent or more of annual income).
  • People facing insolvency (debts are greater than assets).

How RIP Forgives Debt:

  • RIP mainly buys and forgives older “portfolios” of bundled medical billing accounts from health care providers and the secondary debt market (like the secondary mortgage debt market).
  • RIP periodically crosschecks the portfolios we buy against the Debt Forgiveness Registry. So far, matches are rare. If your personal medical debt is ever abolished this way, RIP will notify you.
  • RIP plans one day to forgive medical debt for individuals. Register now to be ready.

Meanwhile, if RIP can somehow locate your medical debt in the various  debt portfolio databases we access, and if we somehow are able to buy that debt, then we might be able to help you sooner.

Stringent financial standards must be met, and there is no guarantee a physician, hospital, creditor, or debt seller will meet our terms for purchasing any debt we do locate (we offer pennies on the dollar).

If RIP Forgives Your Debt:

  • If at some point RIP somehow is able to forgive your debt, we will mail to you a notification on paper in a yellow envelope from RIP Medical Debt. Do not toss it out. That debt forgiveness letter is your proof the debt has been abolished and is no longer collectable by anyone.
  • Please note that because RIP is a 501(c)(3) charity, debt forgiveness by RIP is a gift that does not count as income and has NO tax consequences for you.

Knowing the wait may be long and RIP makes no promises, if you feel it’s worth a shot: Register for Debt Forgiveness. RIP cannot help if you do not register.

Self Help:

RIP invites you to understand and exert your rights as a U.S. consumer to protect yourself from harassment by creditors:

Registry Form Instructions

When you complete the form below, be as honest and specific as you feel comfortable in reporting how medical debt is affecting you and your family.

Tell us about unpaid and unpayable medical billing accounts. Be detailed. We need factors for searching medical debt databases to locate your debt — if and when the time comes that we can help individuals. RIP mostly forgives older debt already in collections.

RIP is HIPAA compliant, so you can list creditor names, account numbers, and exact amounts due.

Be aware that if someday we can locate, buy and forgive any of your accounts, we may not be able to abolish all of them. We want to help as much as we can.

After you click the “Submit” button, wait for the online Confirmation Massage.

  • Confirmation means you are in the Registry. You need do nothing else from your end.
  • We will help if and when we can. You will hear from RIP directly if we ever can help.

To receive our infrequent RIP e-letter for Registry members, please opt-in when we ask.

Are you a veteran or active-duty military struggling to pay medical bills? Find out about our Veteran’s Program before you register for debt forgiveness.

Caveat: Purchase and forgiveness of any locatable medical debt depends on donation levels at RIP. There is strength in numbers, yet we cannot and do not guarantee any favorable outcome.

If RIP can ever forgive your debt, we will contact you. No need to follow up.
Please be patient!

Medical Debt Storytellers

Are you willing to help raise public awareness about the impact of personal medical debt?

If you click the checkbox in the Registry form, you may be invited to participate in local, regional or national campaigns that raise awareness and funds for abolishing medical debt. Opportunities may range from speaking at events to press interviews (newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, Internet). We also may ask you to participate in research projects.

  • If you wish to be a Medical Debt Storyteller, please share as much details as you feel comfortable in the section on how medical debt is affecting you and your family. Your story helps us select which opportunities might be a good fit for you. .
  • RIP Medical Debt Storytellers do NOT gain any preference for debt forgiveness.The only benefit we offer is a chance to help others in your shoes by educating people in the USA about the burden of unpaid and unpayable medical debt, so America faces the problem and creates workable solutions.

Get the Book:

The Patient, The Doctor and the Bill Collector
A Medical Debt Survival Guide

While you wait for RIP debt forgiveness, get the book that exposes the truth behind medical debt and shows what you can do to help yourself now.

Written by RIP board member Robert Goff and co-founder Jerry Ashton, “insiders with an edge,” the book equips you for the realities of America’s health care system.

Knowledge is Power

Debt Forgiveness Registration Form