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Get Help

  • Are you struggling to pay your medical bills?
  • Are debt collectors calling you day and night?
  • Is keeping up with your medical bills putting a financial and emotional strain on you and your family?
  • Are you taking on more credit card debt or seeking loans in order to pay your doctor or hospital bills?
  • Do you avoid getting needed medical treatment because of unpaid medical debt?
  • Is your credit rating being ruined by medical debt?

RIP might be able to help, IF…

Did you answer “yes” to any or all of the questions above? If RIP can somehow locate your debt in the database “portfolios” we access, and if we are able to buy that debt, then we might be able to help. Stringent financial standards must be met, and there is no guarantee a physician, hospital or other creditor will meet our terms for purchasing any debt we do locate.

RIP was founded to abolish medical debt for anyone in America, strangers helping strangers. We then began to forgive medical debt for veterans. As funding allows, we are evolving a capacity to forgive medical debt for communities, and eventually for individuals.

Knowing the wait may be long and we can make no promises, if you think it’s worth a shot:
Register for Debt Forgiveness.

Are you a veteran or active-duty military struggling to pay medical bills?
Find out about our Veteran’s Program.

Caveat: Purchase and forgiveness of any locatable medical debt depends on donation levels at RIP. There is strength in numbers, yet we cannot guarantee any favorable outcome.

Get the Book:

The Patient, The Doctor and the Bill Collector
A Medical Debt Survival Guide

Get the book that exposes the truth behind medical debt and shows what you can do to help yourself.

Written by RIP board member Robert Goff and RIP co-founder EVP Jerry Ashton, “insiders with an edge,” the book equips you for the realities of America’s health care system.

Knowledge is Power

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