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Health Advocacy reviews Ashton and Goff book: The Patient, The Doctor and The Bill Collector.

Houston Health Advocacy

Bonnie Sheeren,
Independent Patient Advocate.

HOUSTON — As an independent patient advocate, I field phone calls and emails from upset, frustrated people who don’t understand their high medical bills that include incomprehensible explanations for the care they received. I deal mainly with people here in the Houston area and I network with my patient advocate colleagues around the country—and all of us have been grappling with a dysfunctional system that doesn’t seem to work very well for patients or doctors.

We needed something to connect these dots into a bigger picture—and […]

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John Oliver on HBO uses RIP to Forgive $15 Million in Medical Debt for 9,000 Americans

Watch clip of RIP Medical Debt on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

john oliver RIP forgives $15 million medical debt

NEW YORK — A June 5 segment of the HBO hit comedy series, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, featured the RIP Medical Debt charity forgiving nearly $15 million worth of donated medical debt for around 9,000 people — a new giveaway record for American television. John Oliver brought attention to debt industry abuses and the specific issue of unpaid medical debt.

John Oliver reported that American households collectvely owe more than $12 trillion in debt, with $436 billion at […]

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Publishing Announcement

The Patient, The Doctor
and The Bill Collector

NEW YORK — RIP Co-Founder Jerry Ashton and Board member Robert Goff have co-authored a medical debt survival guide, a timely critique that only “insiders with an edge” could have put together.

Is the book needed? Almost 43 million Americans have unpaid debt today. Medical debt is cited in more than 60 percent of all personal bankruptcies. One in 10 of the 12.5 million non-elderly veterans report having neither health insurance nor Veterans Affairs’ health care.

The Patient, The Doctor and the Bill Collector. A Medical Debt Survival Guide (PDBC) cuts cleanly through the Gordian Knot of industry rules and shortcomings, laying bare the […]

November 9th, 2015|1 Comment

Former Debt Collectors Decided to Ditch the Industry, Buy Up Medical Debt, and Forgive It

CBS New York

Seen At 11: A Phone Call From Collectors That Can Actually Get You OUT Of Debt. As CBS2 Found Out, What RIP Medical Debt Offers Is Too Good And Very True.

Jerry Ashton and Craig Antico spent decades hounding debtors to pay their bills—until an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street inspired them to find a way to pay struggling people’s debts. 

Jerry Ashton and Craig Antico

When Paola Gonzalez received a phone call from RIP Medical Debt, she was certain what she heard was a mistake. […]

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