Community Stories

Meet Justin


“Justin’s story provides insight into another manner through which medical debt impacts dynamics within families.

Seven years ago, Justin and his wife moved from Tennessee to Springfield, Missouri in an attempt to start a new life. Justin had spent the last two years of their time in Tennessee disputing a denial for workers compensation; he realized the dispute was leading him nowhere and that it was time to move on. While opening boxes at the warehouse where he worked, Justin severely cut his hand. He had to go to the E.R. to get treatment but due to the fact that he went home before going to the hospital, Justin was disqualified from receiving worker’s compensation. “I harbored a lot of anger from it””, he shared. The debt he incurred on the day of his accident is the debt we were able to abolish.

A question we ask beneficiaries is: What has this relief made possible for you? To this Justin replied, “I was finally able to buy a gift for my wife and my daughter on their birthdays.” Medical debt relief alleviates the need for financial sacrifices, giving folks the chance to restore other needs.”

“Thank you so much RIP Medical Debt! I’ve been working to pay off [this debt] for over 5 years now to no avail.
Once that debt was removed from my credit, my score wentup and I was able to get a credit card. My first one! I was finally able to buy a gift for my wife and my daughter on their birthdays.
Having a little bit off my credit has opened up different possibilities. It’s just been looking great here ever since. I have a lot of friends in the same position as myself, a lot of us are struggling every day and it helps us feel like we aren’t alone in this world.”