RIP Veterans’ Medical Debt Program

2018 RIP Veterans’ Medical Debt Summit

The Problem

Military personnel put their lives on the line, and at no small cost. Many veterans return to us injured, physically and emotionally. Much to America’s shame, a big part of their burden is medical debt. Veterans may suffer long-term health issues that can outlast their benefits from Veterans Affairs.

GiveForward in 2010 estimated that 1.3 million uninsured U.S. vets have out-of-pocket medical expenses exceeding their disposable incomes. Disabled American Veterans (DAV) says almost half of all returning vets have PTSD diagnoses. Such vets face low-paying jobs or unemployment, adding to their distress, which depletes their health, which leads to more unpaid medical bills.

Crises in personal finances can be devastating for vets and their families. Allowing our vets to be harmed in this manner flies in the face of our nation’s values.

A Solution

RIP has a special interest in helping veterans afflicted by medical debt that they cannot pay. Donations to the Veterans Program are used exclusively for that purpose. Your donation today of any size moves us one step closer to allowing a vet to catch a breath.

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Get Help

Are you one of the many vets struggling to pay your medical bills? Are these bills negatively affecting your life and your family? RIP was founded to abolish medical debt for anyone in America, strangers helping strangers. We then began to forgive medical debt for veterans.

As funding allows, we are evolving a capacity to forgive medical debt for local communities, which we have begun doing, and eventually perhaps for specific individuals, which at this point we are unable to do. Knowing the wait may be long and RIP can make no promises, if you think it’s worth a shot, then we invite you to Register for Debt Forgiveness.

Support the Veterans Campaign

RIP is working to raise enough in donations by the end of 2018 to purchase and abolish $50 MILLION in unpayable veterans and military medical debt in America.