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There are millions of families in the US currently strapped by medical debt. Imagine having that weight on your shoulders, while still recovering from health issues, trying to support your family with through inflation, global unrest and uncertainty.

$5,000,000 goal
Campaign Created ByRIP Medical Debt

Debt Relief Story

“Thank you so much i am a hurricane Katrina survivor and the state never took care of me like they was supposed to.”

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— Alvin

A trip to historic Tombstone demonstrates Arizona’s recent history as the last territory of the American frontier. Arizonans still demonstrate the spirit of independence and ambition required to build both ancient culture and contemporary lifestyles in the scenic Sonoran Desert and around the Grand Canyon. That’s why the medical debt crisis is especially tragic in Arizona. Every dollar you contribute is an investment in Arizonan towns and cities.

raised to date
Campaign Created ByRIP Medical Debt

Debt Relief Story

“We got so excited because usually no one is willing to offer this kind of help. For two years we’ve been trying to fix my credit so we can buy a house. Thank you!! It is such a blessing to say there are some people out in the world that help others! I’m literally speechless!”

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— Margarita

From carefree Okaloosa Island to sunny Miami Beach, Florida feels like paradise. And when you’re living in an oasis, it can be easy to forget that many people around you are struggling. While others are saving for retirement in the Keys or splurging on a night in South Beach, debtors are forced to split their paychecks with debt collectors, working nights and weekends to pay back a debt they incurred through no fault of their own.

Campaign Created ByRIP Medical Debt

Debt Relief Story

“Keep doing what you are doing because you bring joy during these depressing times where everyone is struggling to put food on the table.”

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— Sharon

Most Texans have worked hard and saved responsibly in order to be financially independent, but few have the savings to cover an unexpected $1,000 medical expense. Even after insurance payouts, many are left with unaffordable monthly payments and savings that quickly run dry. Texans who normally would never dream of ignoring a bill are forced to choose between providing for their family and carving deep into their utility and food budget to pay off a debt incurred through no fault of their own. Without help, some will never escape debt.

Campaign Created ByRIP Medical Debt

Debt Relief Story

“Thank you for this blessing and helping me on my road to clearing up my credit to hopefully soon purchase my first home. Thank you again.”

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— Anonymous
More Campaigns
100% Raised
$80,000 Goal
RIP Medical Debt
Dallas/Fort Worth
Supporting: Texas
52% Raised
$50,000 Goal
RIP Medical Debt Students in Action Program
Students in Action
Supporting: Nationwide
86% Raised
$50,000 Goal
RIP Medical Debt
Athens-Clarke County, GA Metro Area
Supporting: Clarke County , Georgia, Jackson County , Georgia, Madison County , Georgia, Oconee County , Georgia and Oglethorpe County, Georgia
Help us fundraise!
55% Raised
$40,000 Goal
Bethel United Church of Christ
52% Raised
$15,000 Goal
Aldersgate United Methodist Church Grand Rapids MI.
Aldersgate United Methodist Church
Supporting: Kent County, Michigan

Local Campaigns

Community-led campaigns work to erase medical debt in specific regions. There are always active campaigns across the country.

No campaigns in your preferred region?

Donate to any state with available debt on our donation page.

Supporting Travis County, Texas
Created By Eli Yorio
Supporting Illinois
Created By First Lutheran Church of Moline, IL and St. Pius of Rock Island, IL
Supporting Bullock County, Alabama, Barbour County, Alabama, Perry County, Alabama, Greene County, Alabama, Dallas County, Alabama, Montgomery County, Alabama and Russell County, Alabama
Created By PRF Institute
Supporting Kent County, Michigan
Created By Aldersgate United Methodist Church Grand Rapids MI.
Created By RIP Medical Debt
Supporting North Carolina
Created By Building Beloved Community
Supporting California
Created By The Plue Kids
Supporting Kentucky
Created By The Presbyterian Churches in Mid-Kentucky
Supporting Kentucky
Created By Cents of Hope
Supporting Berkeley , South Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina and Dorchester, South Carolina
Created By Lee H. Moultrie II
Supporting Collin County, Texas and Dallas County , Texas
Created By Roshan Shivnani
Supporting Travis County, Texas, Harris County , Texas and Texas
Created By Krishna Hariprasad
Created By Victor G. Villagra, MD, founder of Health & Technology Vector
Supporting Nationwide
Created By Dalbir, Jared, and Allan
Supporting Western Oklahoma, Oklahoma
Created By Kingfisher United Methodist Church
Supporting Wisconsin and Upper Midwest
Created By Cargill United Methodist Church
Created By Georgia Hotspot Debt Relief Campaign
Supporting Chicago Metropolitan Area
Created By Abby Reimer & Christian Hyacinthe
Supporting Idaho
Created By GG Luke and Liz Keegan
Created By RIP Medical Debt
Created By Evan Collins & Edwin Qiu
Supporting Michigan
Created By Bethel United Church of Christ
Supporting Michigan
Created By Midland Area Interfaith Friends
Created By Grace Barrett
Supporting Nationwide
Created By MOFO the Movement
Created By Mary Nguyen
Created By Rethinking Heroes
Created By Niagara Frontier Conference
Created By Lauren Rock
Created By Denise Povolish
Created By The Debt Gala
Created By RIP Medical Debt
Created By Sylvania Communities Of Faith
Supporting California
Created By Pacific Stone
Supporting Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Created By Claire Hirschberg and Lou Garner
Created By Scott Crawford
Supporting South Carolina
Created By Spartanburg District of the South Carolina United Methodist Church
Supporting Broward County, Florida, Palm Beach County, Florida, Monroe County, Florida, Indian River County, Florida, St. Lucie County, Florida and Martin County, Florida
Created By Stephanie Garrett
Created By RIP Medical Debt
Supporting Tennessee
Created By Tennessee Health Advocates
Supporting The Upper Midwest
Created By THEE Alliance
Supporting Nationwide
Created By Yoni Leiderman and Talia Zames
Supporting Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky
Created By RIP Medical Debt
Supporting Davie, North Carolina, Yadkin, North Carolina, Stokes, North Carolina, Surry, North Carolina, Rockingham, North Carolina, Guilford, North Carolina, Randolph, North Carolina and Forsyth, North Carolina
Created By Trinity Moravian Church
Created By RIP Medical Debt
Supporting Rhode Island and Nationwide
Created By Chris Buttermelon
Supporting Wisconsin
Created By Concerned Citizens
Supporting Georgia, Baldwin, Georgia, Greene, Georgia, Hancock, Georgia, Houston, Georgia, Jasper, Georgia, Jones, Georgia, Monroe, Georgia, Morgan, Georgia, Putnam, Georgia, Taliaferro, Georgia, Twiggs, Georgia, Washington, Georgia and Wilkinson, Georgia
Created By RIP Medical Debt
Supporting Champaign County, Illinois, Woodford County, Illinois, Adams County, Illinois, Tazewell County, Illinois, Macoupin County, Illinois, Morgan County, Illinois, Livingston County, Illinois, Cass County, Illinois, McDonough County, Illinois, Vermilion County, Illinois, Logan County, Illinois, Warren County, Illinois, Mason County, Illinois and Knox County, Illinois
Created By Medical Bill & Claim Resolution
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